Data & Appendixes 


  • The elasticities reported in Table 2 of "The Macroeconomic Effects of Government Debt in a Stochastic Growth Model" are elasticities with respect to log government debt at time t+1, rather than elasticities with respect to the innovation to log debt, as stated in the text. Thus, Table 2 traces out the effects of a persistent increase in debt (the innovation plus all the subsequent changes in debt) rather than the effects of just the one-time innovation.
  • JPE paper "Resurrecting the CCAPM" has typographical errors in some tables. Click here for tables with the correct numbers.
  • NBER Macro Annual paper "Shocks and Crashes" has typographical error in Table 2. The coefficient on lagged labor income growth in the consumption growth equation should be 0.06, not 2.00.